Bobby George

I’m a highly motivated builder who turns ideas into solutions. Armed with real-world experience, versatility, and a learning mindset, I can quickly address the big-picture needs of all stakeholders to architect and build a solution that solves the problem at hand.

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About Me

I love learning and solving challenging problems, so I'm studying computer science at the University of Maryland to get better at both. I fill practically all of my time persuing opportunities that allow me to put my skills to use—the best opportunities are the ones where I can try new approaches and talk to people who are smarter than me.

I don't just love learning about technology though—I learned to play drums and was in a rock band for 8 years, I learn about the world by travelling, and I learn about life by talking to my friends.


Kestrel Studio

Kestrel Studio

Kestrel is a satellite data analytics startup to connect underfinanced, rural farmers in developing nations to global supply chains and financial services.

Kestrel Studio is a place for lenders and supply chain actors to view historically inaccessible data on farms they should invest in. It brings together terrabytes of data to give actionable insights about our over 700 farms.

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Kestrel Studio

Interview Pen

Interview Pen is an interview preperation course for software engineers. I'm responsible for the company's system design vertical.

I research end-to-end system design topics and produce videos that can prepare a range of audiences for any of the directions that their system design interviews could end up going.

Most of the videos require purchasing the course, but one of my videos is freely available on YouTube and has reached over 200k views!

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Ticker is a startup offering a secondary market for private equity. While I was working on Ticker, I built a trading platform and exchange system that would allow users to buy and sell their shares. The MVP I built was complete with payment processing, a database, and a matching engine for orders.

Since then, I left to focus more on Kestrel, and Ticker has pivoted to a SaaS model for private equity funds.

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Other Random Things

PieSlide: A digital signage platform for small businesses. It includes a cloud-based dashboard to upload slides and change settings, along with a slideshow that can run on a Raspberry Pi connected to a lobby TV. I initially sold the product to my music school who has been using it for years, and I've since open-sourced the project.

Pong: An elegantly simple Pong game that can be played with friends over the internet. If you and a friend enter the same room code, you can play in the same game using WebSockets!

Otto: A fork of the famous 2048 game by Gabriele Cirulli that plays itself! It doesn't get to 2048 every time, but if you refresh a few times it will eventually.

Hovercraft Haven: This game started out as an over-engineered project for a high school Java class, but I later ported it to Swift to make it available on iOS. It's a simple infinite side-scroller and it's actually decently fun if you're bored!